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Based in Dorset, we help people find freedom from unsightly veins, veins causing pain, ache and throbbing as well as veins causing serious medical complications such as phlebitis, varicose eczema and leg ulcers.

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Established in 2002, we are a team of medical specialists who treat all types of veins causing embarrassment, discomfort and health problems. We have helped countless people for nearly 20 years to transform their lives and to regain their health. 

All our treatments are performed by experienced consultant vascular surgeons under local anaesthetic as a walk in, walk out procedure.

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Our prices are guaranteed with no hidden extras. We have a clear pricing policy: our prices are published and are fully inclusive. There is no extra charge for the follow up appointment or scan. Private care doesn’t have to be expensive.

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We not only care about your legs, we also care about you. In the unlikely event that you have a problem after treatment, we guarantee to do our very best to help you at no extra charge to you. 

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Dr H Gajraj MS FRCS

I have over 30 years of experience treating people with varicose veins, thread veins and their complications such as phlebitis, varicose eczema and varicose ulcers. I have developed a unique Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Programme for large hand veins. After 13 years as a consultant vascular surgeon in the NHS, I now specialise exclusively in providing the latest treatments for these very common problems privately.

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Vein Treatments

The VeinCare Centre is proud to offer the latest techniques for the treatment of varicose veins, superficial venous reflux and related venous problems. Please see our Treatments page for more information.

Thread Veins

We know how distressing thread veins can be. We treat these veins on the legs and face

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are unsightly, can ache and throb and they may lead to complications

Hand Veins

Bulging and ropey hands veins can be very embarrassing and make us look much older


Here is a selection of Testimonials from our happy customers. You can also read over 280 reviews from Dr Gajraj’s patients on his IWantGreatCare profle. Please Contact us for more information on our vein treatments or to book an appointment at our clinic in Dorset. 

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I am an active outdoor person, wearing shorts a lot of the time and I became very self conscious about my varicose veins. I desperately needed to do something to make me feel better. The veins were unsightly and frankly I was embarrassed by them. Having investigated the idea of surgery, I felt it was about time I did something. So I got in touch with Dr Gajraj and made a appointment. The surgery itself couldn’t have been simpler, I did not have any pain and I was well cared for before I left for home. The results and difference are amazing. I’m now happy to wear my shorts again and my wife thinks I’ve got sexy legs!
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I decided to have my veins treated because, although I exercise regularly and my legs are quite toned, my left leg had a lumpy vein which protruded and looked unsightly if I wore short skirts or little dresses. Also, the vein was becoming painful when I exercised. I was really self-conscious that people would notice it. The procedure was really quick, straightforward and affordable. I was in an out the same afternoon. The end result is brilliant! I can now confidently wear dresses and shorts without worrying. It’s the best thing I’ve had done.
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Before I had my veins treated I experienced a lot of aching and pain in my right leg, particularly if I stood for long periods. A number of very large veins were visible on the outside of my right leg and foot although this was not the main reason for me seeking treatment; it was the aching and the pain. In the initial consultation Mr Gajraj used an ultrascan to show me the faulty veins and thoroughly explained the treatment recommended so I Knew exactly what to expect. On the day, the procedure was carried out with a local anaesthetic and I’m pleased to say there was virtually no pain whatsoever. In fact I experienced slightly more pain the next day but even that was nothing to speak of. Since the treatment, most of the aching and pain has gone and almost all of the large veins have disappeared and I have no hesitation in wearing shorts again. All in all a very successful outcome!
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Over a period of time the veins in my leg had become increasingly unsightly and by the end of the day would be itchy and painful… They contributed to me generally feeling less confident about my appearance. I have always loved being outdoors, taking holidays abroad, walking and swimming. In my mind the veins started to worry me and erode my personal confidence. In warm weather I no longer wore shorts and hated wearing a swimsuit. On long flights my leg would ache having to sit for so long. The consultation at the clinic gave me optimism as to how my veins could be treated and the potential results. On the day of the surgery I felt a little anxious but I need not have worried as the team soon put me at ease. The surgery was not painful and I was very well cared for in very relaxing surroundings. Having the veins removed has changed me immensely: I am no longer worried or in pain, I have my confidence back and I enjoy again the freedom of wearing what ever I want. I know if I had not had the surgery done it would only have worsened.

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Is Local Anaesthetic Best for Varicose Vein Treatment?

Yes. The short answer is Local Anaesthetic is best for treating varicose veins when compared to other forms of anaesthetic. There are 5 main reasons including safety and recovery. Even in 2022, some vein specialists still recommend that you have your varicose veins treated under a general anaesthetic. In my

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Face Masks are Optional

Since 1st April 2022, face masks are no longer a legal requirement in England and recent guidance from NHS England Guidance is that universal face masking is no longer required in healthcare settings.  However, we have a person-centred approach to face masking. We understand that some of our patients may

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Is Varicose Eczema Curable?

Can Varicose Eczema be Cured? What is the Cure for Varicose Eczema? Yes, Varicose Eczema can be cured, but only, if it is correctly diagnosed and treated. What is Varicose Eczema and How is it Diagnosed? Varicose Eczema is sometimes called Venous Eczema, Gravitational Eczema or Stasis Eczema. These terms

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Why Do Varicose Veins Hurt?

For many, varicose veins are just cosmetic. For others they cause mild, moderate or sometimes severe symptoms. Tender and painful varicose veins may indicate that you have a serious medical complication called phlebitis. Symptoms of Varicose Veins Have you ever wondered why your varicose veins cause your legs to ache?

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When Should I See A Doctor About My Varicose Veins?

There are 7 Reasons Why You Should See a Doctor About Your Varicose Veins: 1. Severe Symptoms; 2. Dry Itchy Rash Near Your Ankle; 3. You Had Vein Problems During Pregnancy; 4. The Skin Near Your Ankle is Weeping or Has an Ulcer; 5. You have Blue Veins on Your

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Why do varicose veins itch?

Varicose veins are often painful and itchy. Although most people experience pain, throbbing and swelling  from varicose veins, many can also develop itchiness that can be irritating and can disturb sleep. Itch might seem to be a rather odd varicose vein symptom. However here are the 2 main reasons why

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Award for Outstanding Care 2022

Dr Gajraj has been awarded a prestigious award in 2022 iWantGreatCare has today awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2022 to leading nurses, clinicians and healthcare providers who received overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients on its review platform. Recipients received certificates of recognition for providing “outstanding care” to their patients. Over

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Cellulitis and Varicose Eczema: How Can You Tell The Difference?

It is very important to quickly distinguish between varicose eczema and cellulitis and to start the correct treatment. Varicose Eczema is a vascular condition that can lead to ulceration and cellulitis is an infection that can lead to sepsis. People with varicose eczema need a duplex ultrasound scan and people

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Face Masks

As of 15th June, patients attending the clinic are no longer required to wear face masks. However, if you prefer to wear a mask, we will supply you with one on arrival. Some of our staff may choose to wear a face mask in certain situations. See our COVID-19 policy.