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4 Years Later – Still No Varicose Veins After Foam Sclerotherapy

Yesterday I met Julie from Frome near Bath in Somerset. Way back in 2011, I treated her leg varicose veins with Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy and yesterday her legs looked great. There were no varicose veins to be seen and her duplex ultrasound scan showed that were no signs of reflux whatsoever in either leg.

Varicose Veins

Before Foam Sclerotherapy

Julie had endured horrible, lumpy, painful varicose veins in both legs for years.  Her Mother had them, so there was a strong hereditary factor in their appearance. She noticed them coming on at a young age and they just got steadily worse; so much so that Julie was very self conscious and she couldn’t really wear shorts or skirts. That’s all changed. Now Julie has been on several beach holidays with her family and she is no longer restricted in what she can wear.

“It’s made a huge difference” Julie told me. “I can wear what I want and now I feel comfortable in a swim suit on holiday. In additon, I no longer get pain, throbbing or swelling, particularly now that the weather is getting hotter. I am so glad I had them done four years ago. I only wish I had taken the plunge sooner! My poor Mum has dreadful veins and even though she had bleeding from them, she can’t get them done on the NHS.

Since Julie’s successful treatment, I have seen her once a year for an Annual Vein Check. It’s a bit like seeing the dentist regularly for preventative maintenance. I do a scan to detect any early signs of reflux and varicose vein formation before lumpy veins appear on the surface – that way I can prevent things getting worse.  Yesterday was the first time Julie didn’t need any corrective foam injections.

“My legs are so much better, I want to keep on top of things and nip any new veins in the bud. I don’t want to have problems like my Mum. It’s quite reassuring having a yearly check up. I think of it as an MOT.”

Veins After Foam Sclerotherapy

Julie in 2015

Julie has very kindly allowed me to share her story and her photographs. Just click on them to enlarge and see the difference for yourself.


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