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5 TIPS FOR SANTA …and the rest of us…

If You See Santa Tell Him

Over the next couple of weeks, Santa will be busy wrapping presents and writing Christmas cards. On Christmas eve, Santa will make a huge journey, longer than any of us can imagine when he delivers presents to good boys and girls around the world.
Now while no one knows if Santa suffers with varicose veins (half of us will), The Vein Care Centre offers this advice to help Santa and the rest of us to avoid vein problems when standing for long periods or on long journeys:

1. Wear loose-fitting clothing. Santa’s red suit, for example, is roomy and comfortable and so it should not impede circulation in his lower body.
2. Sit properly with good posture and try to avoid crossing legs or sitting in ways that can compress veins for prolonged periods. No one is sure, but it is reported that Santa sits upright and does his ankle exercises when in his sleigh. Some have suggested that he wears compression socks on long journeys.
3. Walk at least 30 minutes every day. Walking causes the rhythmic contraction of calf muscles and helps promote blood flow to the heart. Santa breaks up his journey regularly by going up and down chimneys.
4. Don’t smoke. Smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke constricts veins and affects overall circulation. There are rumours that Santa smokes a pipe. No eye-witnesses have come forward, but if he does, he should quit now.
5. Elevate the legs above heart-level as often as possible. Santa has been reported to put his feet up with a mince pie or two, whenever he gets the chance.
Over the holiday season, make sure you take care of your legs. Have and happy and healthy Christmas.