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7 Reasons to Wear Medical Socks

Medical Hosiery
Graduated Medical Hosiery

Medical stockings – some people love to wear them, some people hate them. Here are 7 things you should know about medical hosiery.

  1.  Medical stockings are graduated. That means they are firmest at the ankle and they are progressively less firm from the ankle upwards. Some of you may remember “Calippo Lollies”. Well if you squeeze the calippo at the bottom, up comes the ice lolly out of the packaging. However, if you squeeze the calippo hard around the middle it does not move. Medical stockings squeeze the ankle more than the calf, so encouraging the vein circulation up the leg.
  2.  Medical stockings are not the same as support stockings. Support stockings are not graduated. So although they may feel firm and supportive, they do not encourage the vein circulation back up the leg in the correct direction.
  3.  You should be properly measured for medical stockings. This usually means measuring the circumference of your ankle and the widest part of your calf as a minimum. To get the correct compression, you should be sure to get the correct size of sock or stocking.
  4.  Medical compression stockings are anti-DVT. So for example most people undergoing major surgery in hospital who are at risk of thrombosis should consider wearing medical socks.
  5. Medical socks reduce the complications of DVT. Most specialists recommend wearing good quality medical grade compression socks for at least 2 years after a major DVT to reduce the risk complication such as phlebitis and leg ulcers..
  6.  Medical socks do not cure varicose veins or vein reflux, but wearing them does relieve the symptoms of ache, swelling and throbbing. If you have a venous ulcer, wearing strong medical grade compression stockings will accelerate the healing process.
  7. Medical socks only work if you wear them. They are not effective if they are in the draw. So it is best to invest in a good quality pair of medical compression stockings that feel and look good. They should make your leg feel better and they should not have to be endured.

As you can see, many people benefit from medical hosiery and now you can save money too. I have negotiated a discount for all my readers of 10% from the UK’s largest supplier of medical socks and stockings. When you visit the DAYLONG WEBSITE simply enter the code Melb1 at the check out. That way you can gain the benefits of medical hosiery and save money too.

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