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A Moving Testimonial From Varicose Vein Sufferrer

Lizzie Wiltshire’s story

“My legs used to be the only part of my body that I really liked when I was a teenager. All that changed for me though when I started to develop varicose veins in my early twenties. I hated them although at this stage they were quite minor. My father had terrible veins in his legs and I always knew that I was heading the same way. By the time I had my children they were already bad and I constantly wore clothes that would cover them up – even in the most beautiful weather or while on holiday. When I went into hospital to give birth I can honestly say that I was just as worried about the midwives and doctors seeing my legs as I was about delivering a healthy baby. It seems so silly now but my fear and embarrassment about my ugly legs was all consuming.


Lizzie’s legs before and after laser

I often longed to have something done about them but, bizarrely, I was held back by the thought of showing them to the doctor! I had researched the Melbury Clinic and downloaded all their information about 10 years prior to going to see them. In the end, my daughter began to develop some minor veins as a teenager and I was determined that she shouldn’t live with the same problem that I had lived with for so long. But if she was going for treatment that meant I had to step up and show her that it was nothing to be worried about!

We both went together to meet Dr Gajraj and were so impressed with him and all his staff. The consultations were thorough and the explanations of what was the best method of treatment were in plain English. At no time did either of us feel anything but comfortable and reassured. My treatment and that of my daughter went smoothly and I was left wondering why on earth I waited so long.

Last year our family went on holiday to Turkey and for the first time I was able to wear shorts and skirts. I got into the sea and swam with turtles in front of a whole boat full of people. These things may not sound much but for me they are huge. Sometimes I still catch myself thinking that I need to cover up my legs and have to remind myself that I don’t anymore. If you can relate to my story at any level then I would recommend going to the Melbury Clinic as soon as you can. Thank you Dr Gajraj – you have given me back my confidence.”

If you’re worried about your veins and would like a confidential chat please do get in touch. Our advisors are very happy to offer simple advice by telephone or email for free and without obligation. You can call and book an appointment with Nick Lagattolla or Simon Payne direct without a referral from your GP.

The VeinCare Centre also offers a screening assessment with our vascular technologist. For £25 you can have a scan with Wendy Parsons. She is not a doctor and so she could not give you medical advice but she can check your deep veins and your varicose veins and give you an idea of how bad they are. If you would like to have an appointment with Wendy please call 01935 873 951