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A Video of Thread Veins Treatment

Microsclerotherapy for Leg Thread Veins

In published scientific trials, sclerotherapy always comes out tops for the removal of thread veins on the legs and most vein specialists regard it as the “gold standard”. In this treatment, a prescription medicine called a sclerosant is injected directly into the thread veins using very fine needles, slightly bigger than a human hair. As the clear solution enters the thread vein, the blood within it is displaced and they look as if they disappear. In fact, the sclerosant removes the lining of the vein instantly (surprisingly this is not painful) and then the vein responds over the course of 6 weeks by shrinking and becoming much less apparent. Usually, 3 treatment sessions separated by 6 weeks are needed to achieve the desired improvement. Initially after each injection session, the veins look temporarily worse.

Let me show you how I do these injections.