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Able to Wear Shorts for the First Time in 20 years

Sarah from Bristol is delighted with the improvement in the appearance of her legs. For the first time in 20 years, she wore shorts this summer, without feeling self-conscious.

Sarah’s Story

“I’ve had lumpy veins for years. They didn’t cause me any pain and I’ve never had any problems but I just didn’t like the look of them. I couldn’t wear shorts or go swimming on holiday because I felt self-conscious. I couldn’t get NHS treatment, so I searched the internet and found Dr Gajraj and The VeinCare Centre. He did a scan and explained the cause of the varicose veins and the treatment that would be best for me. It was all done under a local – I didn’t need to go into hospital or be put under. It only took a few hours and I was home later that morning. It wasn’t painful having the treatment and I didn’t need painkillers afterwards. I saw the improvment straight away and after only 6 weeks, I could hardly see any bruising. Since having my veins treated,  I have worn shorts and a swimming costume for the first time in 20 years! I am very happy with my treatment – it was worth every penny.”

Sarah's Legs Before Treatment
Varicose Veins after Treatment
Sarah's Legs After Treatment












The  Treatment

Sarah had a combination of treatments all performed under ultrasound at all times during the procedure to ensure the best possible outcome. The clinical photographs show the result, just 6 weeks later. At The VeinCare Centre we routinely take clinical photographs with our patients’ permission. We only publish them on our website with the explicit and written permission of  our patients. Many of our patients are only too pleased to allow us to share their before and after photographs. As Sarah explained, “I have no problem with my photographs appearing on your website, Dr Gajraj. I hope they help someone else like me who is embarrassed by their veins.”


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