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Can I Have a Discount on My Varicose Vein Removal?

Recently I saw a patient in the clinic who asked if I would offer her a discount if she in return would provide favourable feedback or a positive testimonial. 

Caucasian man holding spread of American bills 1Well the first thing to say is that the clinic and I do not offer discounts. We believe that the fees we charge are fair and offer very good value for money. They include the treatment itself all the follow-up and after-care any unscheduled appointments for any problems and if anything is not right we offer to put it right at no extra charge. So firstly we do not offer discounts because we offer very good value.

Secondly we want to make sure that any testimonials we receive or any feedback we receive is honest. If we were to offer any inducement financial or otherwise then people couldn’t be sure whether the feedback or testimonials were genuine. We already have many people who volunteer to give positive feedback and testimonials. In fact they appear on our website as a video testimonial and they contribute to third-party independent websites such as “I want great care“. So we do not have any shortage of people who are very pleased with their treatment and who are very kind and who offer to give us feedback anyway. 

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If you’re worried about your veins and would like a confidential chat please do get in touch. I am happy to offer simple advice by telephone or email for free and without obligation.

The VeinCare Centre also offers a screening assessment with our vascular technologist. For £25 you can have a scan with Wendy Parsons. She is not a doctor and so she could not give you medical advice but she can check your deep veins and your varicose veins and give you an idea of how bad they are and what treatment options might be available. If you would like to have an appointment with Wendy please call 0800 698 3467.