The Clinic is Closed

COVID-19 Closure of VeinCare Centre

Covid-19-Temporary Closure

On Friday 20th March, The VeinCare Centre Team saw our last patient and we closed our doors at 5pm. We decided that the health of our patients, the health of our staff and our moral and ethical duty not be an unwitting carrier and spreader of the Corona Virus, meant that we should temporarily close our clinic.

For us it was an easy decision: we currently do not have a widely available test to identify people with the virus, who might not have symptoms; nor a test for those who might be in the early stages of a severe infection and who might possibly spread the virus. We also do not yet have a test that can identify those who have had the infection and who might be immune. Even if we did have these tests, they would be a priority for the NHS, not for us. We have the highest infection prevention standards possible, but no healthcare facility can guarantee for certain that their clinic will not spread the infection. In our opinion, to be certain that we would not add to the burden on the NHS and in order to support our healthcare colleagues in the NHS who may need to look after any of us at some time during this pandemic, we would have to close.

Let me reassure you that although varicose veins and many of the complications of venous disease are important and not just cosmetic, they are very rarely urgent. The only exceptions are DVT and superficial phlebitis. The Corona virus pandemic is very important and it is very urgent and it trumps varicose vein treatments. So please do not worry about your veins. When the time is right, we will reopen and we will be here for you.

I have delayed announcing our temporary closure until now, in order to contact our patients who had appointments this week. It is only fair that they hear about our closure from us personally in advance. To our patients who have paid for treatment, I can assure you that your money is safe –  you will be offered a full refund for any payments made for consultations or treatments that will be delayed. Furthermore, we will reopen. My wife and I are the directors and we are absolutely committed to our staff and to our patients. We are resolute in our commitment to keep our team together and to regroup when the time is right. Our staff are safe at home, on full pay.

In the meantime, stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.