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Cure for Varicose Eczema

Susan from Salisbury has been troubled by varicose veins for years.  They started causing problems during pregnancy and after the birth of each of her 3 children she developed painful periods of phlebitis. Over the years, the skin of her leg deteriorated and by the time I saw her in July last year, she already had varicose eczema in the lower part of her left leg (see the photograph below on the left). She had patches of red, itchy and uncomfortable inflammation on her shin and ankle. I performed a Duplex Ultrasound Scan which confirmed she had severe Superficial Vein Reflux. I advised her to have it treated to prevent further problems, because varicose eczema is often the precursor of a leg ulcer.

The Treatment Susan had her left leg treated by VNUS Closure under a local anaesthetic as a walk in, walk out procedure at the VeinCare Centre at the Melbury Clinic in Dorset. She was in and out the door in less than 4 hours and can now get on with her life as normal.

The Results have been dramatic. The pain and discomfort have gone, Susan has not had any more phlebitis and the varicose eczema has cleared up completely. Usually varicose eczema indicates severe damage to the skin and sometimes it does not resolve completely even after successful closure of the refluxing veins. Happily, Susan is young with good healing powers and only 6 months after VNUS Closure, the eczema has disappeared as you can see from today’s clinical photograph (photograph on the right).

Early Treatment gives better results and reduces the risks of complications. If varicose eczema is neglected, the skin may be damaged beyond repair and may not recover.

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Left Leg Varicose Eczema
Before VNUS Closure
Varicose Eczema Cured by VNUS
After VNUS Closure