The Clinic is Closed

Dr Gajraj Reaches Fifty

I am delighted that 50 people have a left review about me on the trusted independent website called I Want Great Care

Excellent Feedback

This website works closely with the General Medical Council and the Department of Health. It allows patients and colleagues to leave confidential feedback about doctors, dentists, hospitals, GP practices and nursing homes. It has been described as the “trip advisor of healthcare”.

I am very grateful to those who have left feedback on this website about the care they have received from me and the people I work with.

From next month, all doctors in the United Kingdom will undergo a rigourous system of appraisal and revalidation. This will ensure that doctors keep up-to-date and that they are providing an excellent quality of healthcare. As part of this revalidation process doctors will need to demonstrate that they seek feedback from their patients and that they take this feedback into account in their continual professional development. The feedback left on I want great care fulfils the requirements of the General Medical Council.

Everyone who has had contact with healthcare professionals can visit this website and leave their comments and assessments. This will help to lead to continuous improvements in the quality of care that is delivered in United Kingdom.

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