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Dr Haroun Gajraj treats severe case of varicose veins with amazing results with little-used specialist technique

Lisa is a lovely lady from Weymouth who had suffered from recurrent varicose veins in her left leg since she was 18 years old but, as you can see, by allowing me to treat her leg she is benefitting from hugely successful results. Lisa has also been kind enough to let me share her story with you.

Lisa’s before and after pictures – just 5 weeks after treatment!










NHS-approved surgical procedures didn’t work

Before I met Lisa she’d already had two surgical procedures performed on the NHS called surgical stripping but they hadn’t worked. Varicose veins can be very difficult to treat if the reflux (blood flow) originates in the groin region as it did in Lisa’s case. The reason for this is that a further operation through scar tissue in the groin could have risked damaging the major deep veins and arteries in the groin.  In my view this is the reason Lisa was denied further treatment on the NHS.  The sort of recurrent varicose veins that Lisa had could not be easily treated by laser or VNUS Closure.

My Technique

During the first consultation with Lisa, it was immediately apparent to me that her vein condition could be greatly improved by a little-used technique of combining Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy with Phlebectomy. Both treatments are widely used in isolation but I believe I am one of the few experienced vein doctors in the UK who practise the technique of combining the treatments. And, as you can see, with remarkable success.

Lisa’s Story

I was only 18 years old when my first varicose vein developed and I had resigned myself to them being with me for the rest of my life, after already having stripping done on both legs years before. My second stripping hadn’t been successful however due to the previous surgery it was deemed too dangerous to perform the operation again.

I was sent home with thick stockings and at the age of only 32 was resigned to things only getting worse. For the last 5 years I hadn’t been able to holiday in a hotel as the thought of getting my legs out around the swimming pool filled me with embarrassment. We had taken to holidaying in a villa, this way no one could see me. Visits to the beach meant keeping my legs covered up. My left foot would swell and I had started to develop pain behind my knee. I had lost 2 stone in weight and even though people said to me you’ll enjoy this summer, I still felt I would never be able to wear a pair of shorts or a bikini again, then I found out that there were new treatments available and that I may possibly be able to have something done after all.

I chose Dr Haroun Gajraj after attending a local seminar in Dorchester, I felt confident in Dr Gajraj and the thought of being able to have the treatment close to home was reassuring. After a consultation with Dr Gajraj, he confirmed that he could help me and he clearly explained the treatment that he could do. The treatment was painless; all I felt was the small nick of the local anaesthetic. It was strange being awake but I was advised to bring my own CD and we chatted throughout the procedure which was very reassuring. My leg was numb after the treatment and I expected the pain to be severe when it wore off but it wasn’t. In fact I even went to watch my son play football the very same evening!! I found walking to be stiff for the first week, however when all the bandages were removed, this became easier. I was driving again within 2 weeks and after a week I was able to take my dogs on a short half hour walk by myself and after 4 weeks I was back to 5 miles!

I am thrilled with the results of my recent vein treatment and the photos show just how amazing the different is! It is even more incredible when you think this is only 5 weeks after treatment!

Side view of Lisa’s left leg before treatment and the amazing results only 5 week’s later!

I cannot thank Dr Gajraj enough. To say this has changed my life sounds extreme, but to those of you who know the embarrassment this condition can cause will understand what I mean. I am now looking forward to my summer holiday and being able to wear shorts and a bikini in public for the first time in 10 years!

I hope that my before and after photographs will help someone else feel like I do now and show what results can be achieved.

Thank you for all your help and reassurance.


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