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Endo-Venous Laser for Varicose Veins of the Legs

varicose veins and laser
EVL for Leg Veins

“What exactly does endo-venous laser do to varicose veins?”.

This is a question I get asked quite a lot. Laser will cauterise the vein that is it will heat it to a temperature at which it is instantly closed. It will also sterilise it so that all the living cells inside the vein wall are devitalised – so the vein can never recover. In fact, if done correctly, I have never seen a vein which has been treated by laser recur or come back. The particular laser we use at The VeinCare Centre is very specific. It will heat the vein to several hundred degrees Celsius so in effect it is a controlled “medical burn” from which the vein cannot recover.

Over time, the body will bring in microscopic cells – macrophages and white cells – they will “nibble” they will auto-digest that vein – carry it away. So if we were to look at the treated leg in a year’s time with the ultrasound and look for the vein that we have treated it will be gone. The body and its healing processes will carry that vein away so that the reflux which is the abnormal downflow – the cause of the problem will be cured.


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