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Facial Thread Veins

Face Thread Veins
Facial Thread Veins Treated

Facial Thread Veins can be very distressing but there are ways of dealing with them. 

Yesterday I met Frances Furlong on my training course in London and we chatted about the various methods of getting rid of these unwelcome veins. Frances is a very experienced and award-winning aesthetic nurse consultant and independent nurse prescriber who has busy clinics in London, Essex and Suffolk. She knows only too well the distress that thread veins on the face can cause.

Although laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can work well for facial thread veins, there are many veins, particularly around the nose, that seem to be resistant to these types of treatment. That’s why Frances attended my training course in London.

At the VeinCare Centre, my team and I have been successfully treating all types of facial thread veins for many years using Short Wave Diathermy. In this treatment, the areas to be treated are numbed by the application of local anaesthetic cream and then a very fine sterile needle is used to apply a medical electrical current to the veins. The treatment takes about 20 minutes and the veins are instantly “zapped” and they disappear. One client treated yesterday on the course described it as “magic” and she couldn’t hide her delight when given a mirror after the treatment was completed. She had been disappointed by previous treatments with IPL and laser which hadn’t had much effect.

My course on how to treat thread veins on the face is fully accredited by the CPD service and by Hamilton Fraser and demand to attend these courses in London is high.

Frances successfully completed the course and she is very enthusiastic about adding Short Wave diathermy for the treatment of thread veins on the face to her treatment options. I look forward to hearing form Frances in the future on the results in own her practice.

If you are a healthcare professional and you are  interested in learning more about the courses I run, you can contact Wigmore Medical for more information.

If you are affected by facial thread veins yourself, why not contact me today for a confidential chat? Please do get in touch. I am happy to offer simple advice by telephone and email for free and without obligation.

Frances Furlong receives her certificate of training
Certificate Presentation