Fake Online Reviews are a Problem


Can we really have any confidence in online reviews and testimonials? A recent investigation by the BBC has suggested that on some review sites up a significant proprotion of posted comments may be bogus.  Which Magazine has also highlighted the problem and it offers advice about How To Spot a Fake Review.

I am very proud of the positive reviews I have received on the iWantGreatCare website.   Some might say that the huge number of 5-star reviews that I have collected might be “too good to be true”.   So I asked the IwantGreatCare Team “how can you be sure that the reviews you receive are genuine?” Here is what they said in reply:

“iWantGreatCare has a number of processes in place to ensure all published reviews are genuine, this includes:

  • To leave clinician feedback, a reviewer must supply their email address (and their IP address is also collected). This information allows the iWantGreatCare Team to analyse who is submitting feedback.
  • A complex moderation process is in place which every item of feedback goes through before being published. This includes identifying reviews from the same email address and/or IP address. Anything identified through this process is sent to a member of the Moderation Team for investigation.
  • The team carry out adhoc manual checks and contact reviewers to ask if they could confirm their feedback is genuine. If this is not confirmed, the team investigate further.”

So it would seem that this site at least has very robust and secure mechanisms to ensure that any review you read about any doctor, dentist, clinic or hospital is genuine and that it can be trusted.

In addition, many of our clients have kindly appeared in videos to confirm that they have excellent treatment our our clinic. So you can be assured, these are real people.

You can read all the reviews for me and for the Melbury Clinic VeinCare Centre in full on the UK’s most-trusted Medical Review Website – IWantGreatCare

If you would like information about any aspect of how we collect our reviews, please get in contact.

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Dr Haroun Gajraj

Dr Haroun Gajraj

The VeinCare Centre specialises in the treatment of varicose veins and thread veins in Dorset. Please call 01935 873951 to book an appointment.

The Vein Care Centre

The Vein Care Centre specialises in the treatment of varicose veins and thread veins at clinics in Dorset and Hampshire.

Call 01935 873951

Please call us to book an appointment or send us a message using our contact form


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