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Foam Sclerotherapy Failed

Recently, I treated a gentleman who came to see me because 2 previous treatments by ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy performed by another vascular surgeon in his own local area which had been unsuccessful. Originally, he thought he would go to Harley Street for a second opinion, but after doing some research on the Internet he decided to get my advice. David Stokes from Wimborne, near Bournemouth, had aching varicose veins in his right calf. He also had a heart condition which required him to take warfarin to keep the blood thin (anticoagulation). Previously, his Bournemouth specialist had tried to the treat varicose veins in his calf by ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy.

However, the treatment was completely unsuccessful on two occasions and made no difference at all. When I scanned David’s leg, I could see that the varicose veins in his calf were in fact filling from a leaky valve right at the top of his thigh which allowed blood to flow down in the wrong direction in the superficial veins under the skin of his thigh (this wasn’t visible by just looking at his leg). This abnormal flow of blood in the wrong direction is called reflux and I explained to David that the reflux in his thigh (in a vein called the great saphenous vein) had to be treated to deal effectively with the varicose veins in his calf.

His scan also showed that the reflux was too severe and the size of the saphenous vein was too large to be treated by ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy alone. I advised him to have radiofrequency ablation to the vein in his thigh (VNUS Closure) and ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy to the varicose veins in his calf. This combination of treatments would be more effective and because surgery is not involved, he wouldn’t need to stop his warfarin.


At The VeinCare Centre we guarantee our treatments in the sense that if we undertake to get rid of reflux or varicose veins and the treatment is not successful we will repeat the treatment no extra charge. In David’s case, we were able to treat his veins on a walk-in walkout basis under local anaesthetic in just one visit. When David came for his checkup last week (6 weeks after his treatment), I was able to tell him that his treatment had been completely successful. I will see David for a final checkup in 6 months time to make sure that his scan is satisfactory.

At The VeinCare Centre, we frequently advise people with varicose veins to have combinations of treatments rather than just a single method. These combinations give much better results in my opinion.

After VNUS plus Foam

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