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Foam Sclerotherapy Transformed My Legs!

A very happy Alan Hooper after vein treatment by Foam Sclerotherapy

This week I finished treating Alan Hooper from Street in Somerset. His varicose veins were causing varicose eczema and ulcers and he was concerned about knocking them. After a course of ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy, the results have been truly remarkable. The varicose veins are gone and the condition of his legs has improved considerably.  I was very gratified when Alan commented “It was quick and easy  and Foam Sclerotherapy has transformed my legs!”

In 2003, I was the first specialist in the South West to use Foam Sclerotherapy for varicose veins and since then it has revolutionised the way I treat complex vein problems. I haven’t performed surgical stripping for many years now.

Alan’s Story

“I had my veins stripped in Bridgwater Hospital 30 years ago under the NHS. I had a general anaesthetic and had to stay in hospital overnight and I had about a  month off work. The veins gradually came back and they have been troubling me again for the last 20 years. About 5 years ago I had an ulcer which took 6 months to get right and after it cleared up I was given a stocking. The veins got really bad this year and I had a big one just above my ankle that I was worried would bleed if I knocked it. My GP said I couldn’t have anything done on the NHS and he gave me ointment for the irritation and I later learned that this irritation and itch was caused by varicose eczema. I was surprised I couldn’t have anything done on the NHS but my GP said although I could appeal to a special panel, it was most likely I would be turned down, so I didn’t bother.

I heard about Dr Gajraj and the VeinCare Centre from someone who had already had treatment for her veins and she persuaded me to get a second opinion privately. My brother has the same problem and he has had leg ulcers for years. I didn’t want to end up like that waiting for something to be done on the NHS.

Dr Gajraj looked at my veins with ultrasound and told me that the veins had re-grown after surgery by stripping. He said it was quite common and that it was the main reason he had stopped doing stripping. I was relieved that something could be done and that I would not need to go through surgery again. After a course of Foam injections, my legs are transformed. The treatment was quick and easy and there was no pain. I am very pleased and this summer I wore shorts without worrying about how they looked and whether I might knock them and cause another ulcer or bleeding. ”

The Treatment Explained by Dr Haroun Gajraj

“Foam Sclerotherapy is an injection treatment that is particularly good for recurrent varicose veins – veins that have come back after surgery. In fact surgical stripping stimulates the re-growth of veins (a process called neo-vascularisation) and this is the main reason why veins recur after surgery. Foam Sclerotherapy works by removing the lining of the vein (which does not hurt surprisingly) and the vein responds by shrinking and dispersing. The foam is not like cavity wall insulation! It does not stay in the vein blocking it forever. It works by removing the vein lining instantly and then the foam disperses out of the body.  The advantage of Foam Sclerotherapy is that it is a non-surgical walk in, walk out procedure that can be performed in less than an hour and the results can be amazing as these photographs show.

If you have developed veins after surgical stripping, Foam Sclerotherapy may be for you. You can contact me to tell me about your vein problem for a confidential personal reply.”