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How Are Those New Year Resolutions?

How many of us made it our aim to get fit in 2012? How many of us are still on target? Coriander Firmager has some advice about Motivation.

“February is here and many of the good intentions people started the year with will have faded into the distant past.  The reality is the first few weeks of maintaining an exercise program is a fragile time; life just seems to get in the way.  KEEP GOING!  A few adjustments and a few minutes revaluating the situation can get you right back on track.

Why do you want to exercise?   

What are your goals?  Maybe you just want to increase your fitness or maybe your GP told you that you could benefit from losing some weight.  Perhaps you have struggling to keep up with your kids when you take them to the park or you just want to get stronger and feel more capable.  You could be hoping to make a positive impact on your bone density and improve balance to reduce falls.  The list of potential benefits of exercise is long but whatever your goal the next bit is really important…

How much do you want this?

How important is this to you?  Importance is a key factor in motivation.  Really think about why you want to reach your goal and how it might feel to get there.  In an ideal world we would all just naturally want to take exercise just for the shear love of it, however more often than not it is necessary to form a habit of exercising.  That habit can often become an intrinsic love of fitness over time.

Do you have confidence around exercise?

Do you have the tools you need?  Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be done where other people can see you and conversely it doesn’t have to be done alone.  Is there a type of exercise that you know you enjoy? This can be a good starting point but if you are not sure what you enjoy you may need to try out different types, and indeed you may need to do something you enjoy less to reach your specific goals.  It can be a good idea to get guidance, particularly if you are not sure how to reach your goals or if you need support with performing exercise safely and effectively.

Make a plan

Make a plan that is achievable, have short term as well as long term goals.  Be specific about what you are going to do, when you are going to do it and how you are going to measure your progress.


Mini motivators:

  • Put inspirational quotes or pictures in prominent places such as on the fridge, the tv and or bathroom mirror.
  • Give yourself rewards for reaching short term goals such as after six weeks of sticking to the plan.
  • Set the calendar or alarm on your phone to remind you of your plan on a given day. “


“If in doubt, always consult a GP or fitness professional before beginning a new exercise regime, particularly if you have a medical condition for which it may not be advisable.”

Coriander Firmager is a qualified personal trainer in the Yeovil area. To contact her direct please email: or phone 07968 033642