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How Do I Find A Good Private Vein Clinic? A Guide For Varicose Vein Sufferers

Finding a good private vein clinic for treatment and removal of varicose veins and thread veins can be difficult. Here is a guide with criteria for choosing the best specialist vein doctor for your veins.

Recently I received a message via the website from lady who wanted to know what criteria she should look for when when choosing a Private vein clinic. Mouse icon on Find over person eye through magnifying glassWell, my first piece of advice is to check the clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission. That is the regulatory body that inspects all NHS hospitals all private hospitals and clinics and it ensures that the treatment being provided is to the necessary standard. The second piece of advice is that you should check that the doctors who are going to provide your treatment are on the specialist register of the General Medical Council. That way you can be assured that they have the necessary training and expertise to carry out your treatment. My third piece of advice is that you should ask for testimonials. If patients and clients have received good treatment they are usually more than happy to provide feedback. And your doctors and the clinic should be able to provide you with lots of testimonials. Now a very good website which is independently run and which has been approved by the General Medical Council is a website called “I Want Great Care”  As I have said it is an independent website it is moderated and peer reviewed and you can be assured that the testimonials and feedback are genuine. You should look on this website to see if the clinic or the doctors that you are considering having treatment with have had any feedback on this website. It has been described as the “the trip advisor for doctors and clinics”. My 4th piece of advice is that you should check with your GP. Your GP is in a good position to judge the medical expertise of the clinic and of the doctors involved. He may well have had previous patients of his who have had treatment there and he may have received feedback as well. So it is always worth checking with your GP first before deciding about a clinic or a doctor for your treatment. Finally beware about extravagant or very wild claims. Make sure you differentiate between advertising and hype and medical fact. If a clinic says it can “cure you of varicose veins” beware. If the clinic claims the procedure can be done in half an hour or an hour or during a lunchtime beware. And beware claims of success rates without any qualification. Things like “95% success” without saying exactly what the definition of “success” is. Now I hope you found this information helpful in making your decisions about which clinic to choose.

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