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How Long Do I Need To Wear Stockings After Vein Surgery?

Now that summer is here many people are put off having their varicose vein treatment because they think they might have to wear bandages and stockings for a long time and they may be uncomfortable.

iStock_000003750304MediumSo how long exactly do you have to wear stockings and bandages after varicose vein treatment?

  • Well if you are having the VenaSeal medical glue procedure you don’t need to have any bandages or stockings at all. And there will be no restriction on your activities. So you can get back to life as usual instantly.
  • If you are having varicose vein treatment by endo-venous laser or radiofrequency ablation I usually put a light bandage and stocking over the leg and I ask you to wear it day and night for 48-hours. Thereafter the bandage comes off and you can wear a stocking during the day for about a week. And thereafter you don’t need to wear the stocking. However many people find that they are more comfortable in a stocking afterwards and they prefer to wear their stocking for up to a month.
  • After thread vein treatment I usually recommend wearing a very light stocking continuously for 3 days and then during the day only for about 3 weeks.

So if you are considering having varicose veins surgery or thread vein treatment there really is no reason why you need to be put off having your treatment in the summer.

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