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How to learn Microsclerotherapy | One-Day Course


Microsclerotherapy is the most effective treatment for leg telangiectasias. It involves the accurate and precise administration of a Sclerosant  solution directly into the vein.

It seems deceptively simple, but it is not. Of all the treatments I perform, in my opinion, Microsclerotherapy is the most difficult. Here’s why:

  1. It requires a lot of skill and practice. Microsclerotherapy has a long and steep learning curve that requires practice, practice and then even more practice.
  2. Secondly, it requires patience; patience on the part of the patient and patience on the part of the practitioner. The results are generally excellent, but the process by which the veins respond to Microsclerotherapy takes time. During this time, the patient might need to be seen frequently, several interventions may be required, and the practitioner must be available to deal with retained coagulum and concerns regarding lumpiness, discolouration and possible issues with stockings.
  3. The practitioner needs to be a skilled communicator and some patients undergoing sclerotherapy need a lot of support and reassurance during the healing phase.

In my opinion, Microsclerotherapy is a difficult skill to acquire. It requires dexterity that takes a long time to acquire and which must be practised regularly. It is not a quick fix for veins, but in skilled hands, Microsclerotherapy produces excellent results and it is the best treatment for leg telangiectasias.

So how can you learn Microsclerotherapy? My colleague Catharine McGuinness and I have a one-day Microsclerotherapy course. It is based on our combined experience of over 50 years of perfecting our Microsclerotherapy practice as vascular surgeons with a specialist interest in veins. We have produced a course manual that is sent out in advance of attending our course which is a distillation of our experience with a unique perspective and with tips and tricks not found elsewhere. On our course we will guide you on patient selection, consent, the procedure itself, patient aftercare including follow up, record keeping and how to deal with adverse events and complications. You will have supervised hands-on training on carefully selected patients. Catharine McGuinness and I will continue to support you in your independent practice by email and you will be automatically able to join our closed Facebook group to share your experience, ask questions and learn from others. Our course material includes key references and literature reviews as well as instructional video presentations that you can refer to after attending our course. Our closed group will keep you updated on future key publications and developments.

Course description

  • The course will cover
    Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pharmacology of Sclerosants
  • Sclerotherapy Treatment Room design and equipment
  • Patient Selection and Indication for Treatment
  • Contraindications
  • The Consultation and Patient Assessment
  • Injection Technique
  • Post-Sclerotherapy Management
  • Results and Complications
  • Medico-Legal Aspects of Sclerotherapy
  • Suppliers of Sclerotherapy Products * Practical Demonstration
  • Hands-On Practical Session – Microsclerotherapy Injection Technique


Course Programme

  • 10.00 Course Lectures
  • 12.00 Lunch 1
  • 3.00 -17.00 Practical Session
  • 17.00 End / Course Certificates / Feedback



Dr Haroun Gajraj

Miss Catharine McGuinness


Course is open to GMC registered doctors and NMC registered nurses (or equivalent if overseas).
Course attendees must work in a CQC-registered medical clinic or have practice privileges in a private clinic or hospital. Candidates must show evidence of working in a team.


  • Completed Application form
  • Evidence of good standing with GMC/NMC/equivalent
  • Evidence of working in a CQC registered medical clinic or equivalent suitable clinical setting (practice privileges or CQC certificates)
  • Evidence of professional indemnity Evidence of HepB status / immunisation

Fee Р£1800

If you would like to know more about our Microsclerotherapy Course and Training, contact us for more information.

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Dr Haroun Gajraj

Dr Haroun Gajraj

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The VeinCare Centre

We help people find freedom from unsightly veins, veins causing pain, ache and throbbing as well as veins causing serious medical complications such as phlebitis, varicose eczema and leg ulcers

Call 01935 873951

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