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How To Remove Spider Veins on My Face

spider veins on the face

There is an inexpensive, safe and effective treatment for the removal of tiny spider veins on the cheeks, chin and nose which gives fast results. It is called SHORT WAVE DIATHERMY.

Here’s how it works. Before any treatment is started, our Senior HCA Natalie Pike will take a full medical history and in collaboration with you, she will assess which areas are of particular concern to you.

results of facial spider vein treatmentShort Wave Diathermy is relatively straightforward and it uses a controlled medical electrical current to remove fine blue or red veins on your face. First, Natalie will apply a local anaesthetic cream and after 30 minutes, she will wipe it off and clean the skin with antiseptic. With the aid of magnification and good illumination, Natalie uses a fine, sterile, single-use needle to apply a very precise medical electrical current to the blood vessel. The electrical current cauterises and closes the blood vessel and over the course of a few weeks it disperses. Once your treatment is complete Natalie applies a soothing gel to the area.

In general, the results are excellent.

How much does it cost?

Initial assessment for facial thread veins – £35
Consultation with Natalie Pike to include an assessment of your suitability for Short Wave Diathermy, expected outcome and a full explanation of the procedure and after care. This consultation fee will refunded from the cost of the first treatment session. INCLUDES A TEST PATCH TREATMENT.

First Treatment Session – £150 less the initial assessment fee i.e. £115

Subsequent Sessions – £150


If you would like to discuss this treatment with Natalie in more detail or if you would like book your initial assessment,

give us a call on 01935 873951 or use our contact form.