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I Can’t Believe It! My legs Are Like New After Varicose Veins Treatment

Painful Varicose Veins

June Cox has had an amazing result from her varicose veins treatment. June, who lives in Bournemouth in Dorset, initially saw me at my clinic in Poole. From an early age she had developed varicose veins in both legs which deteriorated when she started a family and became pregnant. Over the years they got worse causing her pain, discomfort, swelling and a “fidgety” sensation. Unfortunately, her GP couldn’t help her. Treatment for her varicose veins was not available to her on the National Health Service.

I performed a duplex ultrasound scan of her legs and identified the cause of the problem as being reflux coming from the back of her knees (the small saphenous veins). Fortunately, her deep veins were normal and I was able to treat her under a local anaesthetic on a walk in walk out basis without the need for surgery. We discussed the various treatment options and she chose to have her veins treated by VNUS Closure (radiofrequency or RF). As you can see, her legs look amazing and they feel a lot better too. She now has no heaviness, no pain, no swelling and the fidgety sensation (Restless Legs Syndrome) has been cured. June is delighted and has allowed me to share her clinical photographs.

Her Duplex Ultrasound Scan shows that the superficial venous reflux is gone. Her symptoms have gone and her legs look healthy now. The risks of her developing serious medical complications such as  varicose eczema, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or leg ulcers have been greatly reduced or indeed eliminated.

After VNUS Closure

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