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International Exchange of Vein Treatment Expertise

Last month, I and other members of the VeinCare Team were delighted to have a visit from two distinguished vascular specialists from the Netherlands: Cornelis Bruijninckx and Arno Wiersema. I first “met” Cornelis on Linkedin and over the course of several years, we have shared experience and opinions on various discussion groups dedicated to the study of veins (phlebology). So it was a pleasure to welcome Cornelis and his long-standing colleague to our clinic during their study tour of the south west of England

Arno (Left) and Cornelis (right) with the VCC Team

As is a tradition in medicine, we shared our own experiences of treating patients with complex vein conditions such as superficial venous reflux and ovarian vein reflux,  as well as complications such as phlebitis and leg ulceration. Cornelis and Arno observed our techniques for endo-venous laser and our protocols for patient care.

Arno commented “We visited Dr Haroun Gajraj because of his outstanding reviews and reputation in (inter)national varicose vein surgery. We were impressed by every aspect of patient care in his clinic: reception, medical skills, after-care, every aspect is taken care of at high level. We learned from his clinic to give patient the attention they deserve – recommended.”

Cornelis later wrote, “We, Arno Wiersema and I, two visiting vascular surgeons form the Netherlands, have had the honour of being welcomed very cordially by Dr Haroun Gajraj in The Melbury Clinic, Yeovil, Somerset. We saw a very well educated, deft, secure, relaxed and gentle surgeon at work. We had rewarding, thought-provoking debates with him. It was an instructive, helpful and pleasant experience. Thank you so much, Haroun. ”  Cornelis M.A. Bruijninckx, vascular surgeon

All of us enjoyed their visit and the nurses were pleased to receive many favourable comments form Arno and Cornelis about how well they look after our patients before, during and after their treatment.

You can read comments from Arno and Cornelis on the independent website, I Want Great Care as well as over 130 other reviews from colleagues, patients and healthcare workers.

1-DSC01670I have been very fortunate over the years to have had contact with professional colleagues from various parts of the world and it is refreshing to meet highly-respected and knowledgable colleagues such as Cornelis and Arno. Phlebology in the UK owes a lot to the inspiring work of our European colleagues and it is wonderful to meet and share information which stimulates further progress in this area.