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Is Standing Bad For Leg Veins?


A lot of people ask me “Does Standing Cause Varicose Veins?” Their job might involve a lot of standing and they are concerned that by standing for prolonged periods of time, they are either causing or aggravating their varicose veins.

Is standing bad for leg veins?
Standing and Veins

Well I prefer  to do a lot of my procedures for veins standing. I used to sit but I now I prefer standing. I think it is better for posture and it’s better for your general health than prolonged periods of sitting. As a vein specialist, I often have long days in my clinic frequently starting at 8am and finishing at 6pm and during that time I stand when performing my procedures.  As you know, I have had veins treated myself and since the procedure, I continue to wear medical grade compression hosiery whilst I stand. That gives support to the veins and keeps the veins healthy whilst standing.

If your job involves a lot of standing I would suggest two things you might wish to consider. The first is to wear medical grade compression hosiery even if you don’t have vein problems yourself. And the second thing is to schedule some time when you can walk around get the blood flowing in the veins and pumped out of your leg. Or even schedule some time when you can sit with your feet up. If you are unlucky and your job involves a lot of sitting, then I think you ought to schedule some time in your working day to actually get up, walk around and move about. I think sitting is actually very detrimental to your vein health. Your legs are relatively motionless compared with standing and in fact the 2 major veins in your legs are bent at 90 degrees and that impedes  blood flow out of the veins. So in my opinion, standing and walking are two of the best activities for your leg vein health.

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