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Leg Ulcer Prevention

In October 2010, I treated Louise (not her real name) for severe varicose eczema which was on the verge of breaking down into an ulcer. She had tried to get treatment on the NHS. She was offered Laser at one Somerset Hospital but she was cancelled twice, once on the day of the procedure. She managed to get referred to Bristol for VNUS Closure but once again her procedure was cancelled at short notice. Meanwhile, her leg was becoming more painful and swollen and when I met Louise, her varicose eczema was very severe and she was close to developing a leg ulcer.

Painful Swollen Left Leg October 2010

Louise had severe superficial venous reflux and I treated her with a combination of VNUS Closure, ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy and phlebectomy. Having restored normal vein function, her leg has gradually healed and now the swelling and pain have gone and her skin has almost fuly recovered with only a faint shadow of the previous varicose eczema. At last, 2 years later, she no longer worries about her leg and the threat of developing a leg ulcer has gone.

It was extremely gratifying to hear Louise say “Thank you so much, it was worth every penny!”

Louise is a very private person and although she is happy for me to reveal her story and show her clinical photographs, she wishes to remain anomymous and so I have not used her real name.

Leg October 2012 - Varicose Eczema Cured

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