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Medical myths: Varicose veins are much more common in women

Medical myth or medical fact?

It is true that the majority of people who consult me for treatment of their varicose veins are women and nearly everyone who comes to one of my VeinCare Centres about their thread veins is female. And indeed, although it is widely believed that varicose veins and vein problems are rare in men a recent study from Edinburgh (see research links below) suggests that varicose veins may even be more common in men!

Although, as I said, the majority of my clients are female, when men do eventually come to see me about their veins they have often left it very late in the day and some of the most severe varicose veins I see in my clinic are on the legs of men.

However, this trend is changing thankfully, and now men are seeking help earlier – before complications arise. One of my most recent male clients, Nick Sargent, who is happy for me to share his story with you, has recently had his veins treated in my clinic and he is typical of the younger men that I see these days.

Nick’s Story

“I am an active outdoor person, wearing shorts a lot of the time and I became very self-conscious about my varicose veins. I desperately needed to do something to make me feel better. The veins were unsightly and frankly I was embarrassed by them. Having investigated the idea of surgery, I felt it was about time I did something. So I got in touch with Dr Gajraj and made an appointment. The surgery itself couldn’t have been simpler. I did not have any pain and I was well cared for before I left for home. The results and difference are amazing. I’m now happy to wear my shorts again and my wife thinks I’ve got sexy legs!”

Nick’s amazing before and after photos!



















Nick’s Treatment

Nick had the VNUS Closure procedure together with Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy and Phlebectomy. It was all done in just a few hours as a walk-in, walk-out treatment under local anesthetic and, 6 weeks later, his leg looks great. His ultrasound scan shows the problem has been fixed and he is unlikely to get any more trouble. He can now get on with his life without embarrassment.

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Edinburgh vein study links
“The age adjusted prevalence of trunk varices, which we have already reported in detail, was higher in men (39.7%) than women (32.2%)”