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Men Get Vein Problems

The new non-surgery treatments such as Sclerotherapy and VNUS Closure (Radiofrequency Ablation) allow very rapid recovery and return to normal activities including work and sports.  For self-employed people this is vey important.  This week Paul Nicholson saw me for his check up 10 months after his VNUS Closure procedure for varicose veins. Paul runs his own business in Yeovil – Haynes Butcher – and any time off work for vein treatment can be a real issue for him.  So Paul needed something that fixed his veins fast. He is also a keen sportsman and loves football. His team needed him back in top form as quickly as possible!

Paul’s Story

“I own and run a busy Butchers in Yeovil. The working day is very long and I’m on my feet nearly the whole time. I think this probably has something to do with me getting veins in the first place. They haven’t caused me any trouble so far, but I play a lot of football, I’m in shorts a lot and I just don’t like the look of them. Also, I do sometimes take a few knocks during the game, so I am worried about injuring them. With all of that in mind, I went for the VNUS procedure which Dr Gajraj told me  gives fast results and a rapid recovery from vein treatment. I had it all done under a local in just a few hours in the VeinCare Centre clinic in Holt Mill and I could have got back to work the next day but I decided to take a few days off. I was playing football within a couple of weeks and my leg now looks great.  I’m very pleased indeed.”

VNUS Closure

I was the first specialist in the South West to perform VNUS Closure for Varicose Veins in 2002. The procedure replaces surgical stripping and can be done in a clinic rather than a hospital and under local anaesthetic without any surgical scars. A tiny catheter is inserted into the veins which are then heated to 120 degrees Celsius. The vein is instantly sealed and then the body absorbs the vein. As there are no surgical wounds, there is no risk of wound infections and because the veins are not physically pulled out, there is virtually no pain and the recovery afterwards is very rapid.

The amazing result only a few weeks after Treatment


The results speak for themselves. Paul’s veins have been completely removed and he is no longer concerned about the appearance. Paul was able to get back to his business very quickly and more importantly he was able to have only a short period away from his sports and playing football. This is very different to what can happen after surgical stripping. Typically people need several weeks away from work and often they can’t drive for weeks.

An added bonus of VNUS Closure is that the risk of recurrence (the chance of the veins coming back due to neovascularisation) is also lower after VNUS Closure compared with stripping.  Hopefully, Paul won’t be troubled by veins again. All in all, Paul made a good choice.

If you are troubled by varicose veins and need a rapid solution  VNUS might be right for you.

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