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Most Doctors Don’t Know This – Varicose Veins Are A Risk Factor For DVT


Well I finally think it’s official — varicose veins are a risk factor for deep vein thrombosis. This something your GP and most vascular specialists do not know.

DSC00018The first significant paper in the medical literature that we had on the subject came in 2000. It was a population based study from Minnesota and it was over a 15 year period and it identified that varicose veins were indeed a significant factor in the development of deep vein thrombosis — in that people with varicose veins had a higher incidence. Last year another paper came out from Germany and it looked at 83,000 people over a three-year period and it found that people with varicose veins were approximately 9 times more likely to develop a deep vein thrombosis compared with other people. Yet another study from Texas last year showed that people undergoing total hip replacement were at an increased of deep vein thrombosis if they had varicose veins compared with those who did not. And also quite significantly they found that people who had had treatment for their varicose veins and who were undergoing a total hip replacement had the same risk of deep vein thrombosis as people who did not have varicose veins.

So I think these significant papers in the medical literature now dispel any doubt that varicose veins are indeed a risk factor for deep vein thrombosis.

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