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My Choice for My Own Veins

Yesterday, I had my veins treated. I have had superficial vein reflux in both legs for over 12 years and over the last couple of years, my legs have swelled, ached and throbbed. Last summer in the hot weather, they were particularly painful. So the time had come to get them sorted out. What treatment would I choose and who would treat me?

Haroun with Wendy Parsons
Haroun with Wendy Parsons

In 2002, my colleague Wendy Parsons and I were looking to invest in a new ultrasound machine for the clinic and we decided that image quality would be a major consideration in the choice. We wanted to see which machine would allow us to see veins the best. We decided that Wendy would scan my legs and we would see which ultrasound machine gave the best picture. To my horror, she discovered that I had reflux and faulty valves in the main superficial vein (the great saphenous vein) of both legs. How could this be? I had no varicose veins on the surface to see and  I had no symptoms. In typical male fashion (according to my wife!), I decided to ignore the scan results.  Then a few years later, my legs began to ache and swell at the end of the day particularly in warm weather and on holiday. My legs would also itch and sometimes they would stop me from sleeping with restlessness. So, I started to wear medical socks in the hope that they would prevent deterioration. While I wore them, my legs felt fine and by moisturising my legs before bed, all seemed under control.

endo-venous laser
Endo-venous Laser in Progress

Until last year, that is, when things got worse and some varicose veins began to appear. The time had come for intervention.

Not for me surgical stripping. I wanted endo-thermal ablation and more importantly, I wanted someone good to do the treatment. Who better than Robin Windhaber with whom I had worked for nearly 18 months and where better than my own clinic in Dorset?  I had a choice of either Radiofrequency ablation by the Venefit procedure using the VNUS Closure Fast catheter  system or Laser using the modern EVL procedure by Biolitec. My veins were suitable for either method. Just  by chance on the day I had scheduled with Robin, the radiofrequency equipment was being serviced, so I chose endo-venous laser (EVL) which can be performed under local anaesthesia. I had the procedure done on both legs and within 2 hours I was on my way home posing for photographs outside the clinic.
Ready to go home. With the Team
Ready to go home. With the Team

I had no pain during or after the procedure and I’ll be back at work on Monday. I’ll let you know the results in a future blog.

Contact me today for a confidential chat
If you’re worried about your veins and would like a confidential chat please do get in touch. I am happy to offer simple advice by telephone or email for free and without obligation.

The VeinCare Centre also offers a screening assessment with Wendy. For £25 you can have a scan with Wendy Parsons.  Although she is not a doctor and so she cannot give you medical advice, she can check your deep veins and your varicose veins and give you an idea of how bad they are and whether laser might be suitable for you. If you would like to have an appointment with Wendy please call 0800 698 3467.



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Dr Haroun Gajraj

Dr Haroun Gajraj

The VeinCare Centre | Dorset | We help people find freedom from unsightly veins, veins causing pain, ache and throbbing as well as veins causing serious medical complications such as phlebitis, varicose eczema and leg ulcers.

We can help you. Please call 01935 873951 for more information

The VeinCare Centre

We help people find freedom from unsightly veins, veins causing pain, ache and throbbing as well as veins causing serious medical complications such as phlebitis, varicose eczema and leg ulcers

Call 01935 873951

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