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New Medical Grade Ventilation Systems


New Ventilation System Now Operational

We have just installed a new air-filtration and ventilation system throughout the clinic. 

All the clinical rooms, the vein treatment room and the office now have separate ventilation systems with medical grade filters.

Air is brought into each room from outside after being filtered and either warmed or cooled. Then after the air has circulated, it is vented out of the room and fresh air brought back in.

Air does not mix between rooms and in this way, the risk or airborne transmission of the virus between staff and patients is minimised.

All the rooms in the clinic have their own separate heat pump which means that the temperature in each room can be independently controlled.

Office staff can have one temperature, while patients and clinical staff can have different temperatures in the consulting rooms and/or the treatment room.

Benefits of Medical Grade Ventilation

  1. All the rooms in the clinic can be kept at a comfortable temperature all year round
  2. Every room is ventilated on a separate circuit which reduces the transmission of air-borne and respiratory viruses
  3. Any viruses in the air are extracted by filtration through a medical grade filter
  4. Fresh Air is taken in from outside, circulated and then vented outside. The windows can be kept shut

4  Separate intakes and heat pumps outside and 4 ventilation units inside

An Extra Investment in COVID-Security

This latest upgrade is part of our ongoing and continuous investment in the quality and safety of our services to you.

We take a proactive approach to all aspects of the operation of our clinic.

Our aim is to offer the highest quality clinical service in a safe environment for everyone, patients and staff. 


Infection Prevention for Years to Come

Air-borne viruses will continue to be a concern for many years to come. This investment in medical grade ventilation will future-proof our measures to control and prevent infections. 

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