The Clinic is Closed

Open Events 2015

I am pleased announce the dates of our next open events. Please make a note in your diary – Saturday 19th September and Sunday 20th September in Bristol, Dorchester, Poole and Yeovil. The exact times and venues are still in the planning stage.

What can you expect? Well, these events are a great opportunity for you to meet the vein experts and to hear about the latest treatment options for your vein problem. They include an informative educational talk, followed time for any questions you may have.

They are completely free and without any obligation. There is no hard sell and you will not be pressured into making an appointment or parting with any money. There really is no catch!

Nevertheless, I feel certain you will find the meeting interesting and hopefully, by attending you will have the confidence to chose the VeinCare Centre if you do eventually decide to have vein treatment. These meetings are popular and places are limited, so do please contact us early to express your interest in attending. I look forward to meeting you.

Find Out About

  • the real cause of varicose veins, thread veins and how you can avoid them
  • the truth about varicose eczema and how it can be a warning sign
  • why surgical stripping is out dated and barbaric
  • why local anaesthetic treatments are better than a having a full general anaesthetic
  • the link between varicose veins and DVT
  • what private treatments are available and what they involve
  • unsightly hand veins and facial veins and how they can be eradicated
  • our before and after results with actual photographs

At our last series events we were not able to accommodate everyone. The venues were too small, so on this occasion, Ros English will be trying her best to find larger and more suitable venues. Make sure you are among the first to hear when the details are finalised by using our contact form or by calling 01935 873 951.