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Patient Centred Care at The VeinCare Centre

We believe good customer service in relation to our business means service provided by knowledgeable and well-trained staff, who can answer your questions, give you the information you need and who know what they are doing when you have vein treatment.

It means providing help and information quickly and in detail, whether your initial contact is by telephone, email or via our website. So for example, we will spend quite a bit of effort and time dealing with requests for information from people all around the world, even when there is no prospect of treating that person. We are happy to provide information when possible even without a “sale”.

To us it also means listening to our patients. We want to understand their needs and concerns. We want to know what outcome they expect from our treatment. We will aim to meet and exceed these expectations. But we are healthcare professionals, not sales people, so when in our opinion a medical intervention cannot meet expectations, we will say so. We have a duty to be honest and open in all our dealings with our patients. We provide a medical opinion and we regard our patients as equals in the decision-making process. We explain all options, including that of no treatment. We know that our patients have a choice about where they go to have their vein treatment. We regard it a privilege that our patients put their trust in us and allow us to operate on them. After all, we are complete strangers until the first consultation.

We value that trust given to us and in return, we are courteous and respectful and we do everything we can to be worthy of that trust. Customer service also means “going the extra mile” . We will provide extra treatments and appointments at no extra fee if they are needed. We will do our best to accommodate urgent requests for treatment. Only last month, a patient had very severe and painful varicose eczema and our team volunteered to miss their lunch break and to stay late so that this patient could have treatment more quickly than scheduled in order to avoid developing an ulcer.

Some call it customer service, some in healthcare called it person-centred care, we call it our mission statement which is “to deliver excellence in healthcare and to put our patients at the centre of all that we do”.

Our Veincare Team does this by being genuinely interested in each patient, by caring about what they do in the clinic and by looking after the safety of our patient with pride. Customer service in healthcare is everything. So how do we know we are delivering good customer service. Well, we regularly ask our patients to leave feedback. Here’s a review we received on Google – 2 months ago : “As a recent patient of the Melbury Clinic I would like to say that it has outstanding customer service. The website was fully informative and gave me a comprehensive understanding of the services offered by the Clinic. Every member of staff was communicative warm and helpful. The doctor explained all the benefits and risks associated with the procedure and I felt trust and confidence in his practice. During a fairly long operation the staff remained concerned and focussed on my general well-being and I felt that they were highly competent. I was sent written confirmation of all appointments and copies of letters sent to my GP. I was encouraged to contact the Centre if I needed any assistance and I felt very able to do this if the need arose. The premises were well signposted from the main road and there was plenty of parking. The Clinic was spotless and I was offered refreshments as soon as I arrived. As an ex-health professional I was very impressed by all aspects of the Clinic.” And here’s another on the most trusted healthcare review site, iWantGreatCare, “The Melbury Clinic (VeinCare Centre) really does achieve its mission statement.”

There are nearly 200 reviews on this site and on google that provide clear evidence of great customer service and some of our patients are so pleased, they agree to say so in front of a camera. So, great customer service and person-centred care are at the heart of what we aim for. When treating veins, we put our patients at the centre of everything we do.

If you would like more information about what we do and how we care for our patients, please contact us.