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Safety during Laser Varicose Vein Treatment

For reasons of safety,  we believe that vein procedures are best carried out under local anaesthetic on a walk-in walk-out basis. By avoiding general anaesthetics and a prolonged recovery period, there is virtually no risk to the heart and breathing and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is vanishingly rare. This procedure is safe, effective with very low risk.

We also believe that as well as providing treatments that are safe, it is important to look after the comfort of our patients and to reassure them at every stage of the procedure. For these reasons, one nurse assists the specialist performing the vein procedure, which in this case is endovenous laser (EVLT); another nurse looks after the patient, monitoring blood pressure, oxygen levels and heart rhythm while chatting and offering reassurance.

In total, three members of our specialist team undertake laser treatments for varicose veins always led by one of our vascular surgeons, either Catharine McGuinness of Haroun Gajraj. In the video below, you can watch Catharine performing the procedure entirely through pin pricks in the skin guided by ultrasound. Her assistant ensures that she has instruments and equipment to hand and the second nurse looks after the well-being of the patient.

We understand that most people prefer to have vein treatment under local anaesthesia and we also understand that some may be a little anxious. That’s why we put comfort, safety and reassurance so high on list of our priorities.

For more information about endovenous laser treatments under local anaesthetic, visit The VeinCare website.