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Salisbury Testimonial

Yesterday, I met Alice from Salisbury for her checkup following treatment to the varicose veins in left leg. She is so delighted with the results that she has allowed me to share her story and her clinical photographs.

Alice’s Story

Swelling and Bulging Varicose Veins Before Treatment

“I have suffered with pain and swelling in my left leg for many years. My GP told me that I couldn’t have treatment on the NHS so I decided to investigate what could be done privately. I attended one of Dr Gajraj’s open events in Salisbury and got to meet him. Although I could have gone to my local private hospital in Salisbury, I decided to travel to The VeinCare Centre in Dorset. Dr Gajraj performed the varicose treatment for me under a local and I was in and out of the clinic in just a few hours. The recovery was simple and pain-free. I was doing everything as normal the next day. Now my leg feels so much better and the ugly varicose veins have gone!”

The NHS has very strict criteria for treating varicose veins and fewer and fewer operations are performed every year. Unfortunately, surgical stripping under general anaesthetic is still the most common procedure performed in the NHS. However, in my opinion, stripping and general anaesthetics are obsolete and have been replaced by much gentler, more effective non-surgical treatments under local anaesthetic. Alice had a combination of VNUS Closure, Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy and Phlebectomy. The before and after clinical photographs speak for themselves.

Alice's Left Leg 6 weeks after treatment
Six Weeks After

I only publish patients’ before and after photographs with their expressed and written permission. Unlike many websites, all the clinical photographs on this website are of patients that have been treated by me or my colleague Robin Windhaber. The photographs are genuine and “untouched”.

Later this month, we have an open event in Salisbury and The VeinCare Centre offers free vein scans in Salisbury.

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