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She Should Have Seen Me Much Sooner

Venous Reflux causing Varicose Eczema
Varicose Eczema

This Varicose Eczema has  been left too late to cure completely

Today a lady from Dorset came to see me about her varicose veins that were causing varicose eczema. She first went to see her GP in Somerset 3 years ago when the eczema started to appear. Unfortunately, the condition was not recognised and no action was taken. When she moved house and registered with a new GP in Dorset, he immediately identified the skin condition as varicose eczema and referred her to me at The VeinCare Centre.

As you can see, the skin above her ankle is brown and when I examine her, the area feels hard (the medical term is indurated). Her photograph opposite is typical of varicose eczema and her duplex ultrasound scan shows superficial vein reflux in both major superficial veins (the great saphenous vein and the small saphenous vein). The deep veins are normal.

I will treat her by VNUS Closure (Radio-Frequency ablation) and that will reduce the risks of her getting leg ulcers. However, some of the damage to her skin is not reversible.  If only she had seen me sooner, I might have been able to cure the skin problem.  I will see her after treatment and  keep you up to date with her progress. Hopefully she will get some improvement.

Early Vein Treatment gives the best results. It gives better cosmetic results, it reduces the risks of complications and it prevents deterioration.  My advice is to seek an opinion from a vein specialist as soon as you think you may have a vein problem.

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