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Spring has arrived – Get Ready for Summer

Today is the Spring equinox – officially the first day of Spring. The days are getting longer and warmer and the garden seems to be coming alive. With the promise of summer around the corner, many of us will be thinking about baring our legs. What about holidays on the beach or by the pool or maybe barbecues on the patio? For some, however, the thought of summer feels them with dread because their legs are marred by unsightly varicose veins or thread veins. So now is the perfect time to take stock and do something positive about those veins.

Thread Veins Before Treatment
Thread Veins Before Treatment

Although thread veins are considered to be a minor issue, the majority of thread veins are caused by reflux and faulty vein valves. So, successful treatment relies on a careful assessment of the cause and upon the correction of any reflux, as well as a very precise injection technique. Sclerotherapy – injection of a prescription medicine directly into the thread veins – is the best way to banish thread veins. Today,  I met Sally from Dorset who has just finished  treatment.

Sally’s Story

I am so glad I had my thread veins treated. They were very unsightly and prevented me from going swimming with my children and even in the summer I had to keep covered up. Dr Gajraj injected them and after 2 visits, they gradually disappeared. I now have my confidence and I went swimming with my family for the first time recently. I am thrilled. One more thing – everyone at the VeinCare Centre is so kind and understanding. It’s difficult to show people your legs when you are as embarrased as I was, but they made me feel so comfortable and I was treated with respect at all times.


Sclerotherapy for Thread Veins

The thread veins are injected directly using a very fine needle. A medical solution called a sclerosant is injected and it works by removing the lining of the vein (this doesn’t hurt). Over the next few weeks the veins gradually fade. As you can see from the before and after photographs, the results in Sally’s case are impressive. The important thing to remember is that the process of fading takes several weeks, so now is a very good time to start thread vein treatment if you hope to have nice legs for summer. My team and I have treated many people who are happy to provide testimonials.

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After Sclerotherapy