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Squeamish about Vein Treatment?

Recurrent Veins After Stripping

I meet a lot of people who request varicose veins treatment and removal in Somerset and Dorset who are very nervous. Some are frightened of  needles, some don’t like hospitals and some say they just want to be put out completely and not see anything. My team and I understand that having a vein treatment or removal is an important event and that people need to have the confidence of knowing that they are being treated by experts. At The VeinCare Centre, we treat varicose veins and thread veins every working day and we use techniques that have been specially developed for use under local anaesthetic.  I have successfully treated many people from Yeovil, Taunton, Salisbury, Dorchester and the surrounding areas  who tell me they are needle-phobic.

Recently, I treated Caroline who initially attended a VeinCare Open Event and then she went on to have her veins treated by the VCC. She had been traumatised by her experience of surgical stripping many years previously and when her veins came back (as they often do after surgery) she was naturally hesitant about having more vein treatment. Here is an account of her experiences in her own words.

Caroline’s Story

“Too squeamish to have your veins done under local?  I would strongly urge you to try to overcome your initial fears and at least take a look at what Mr Gajraj can offer.  I was the world’s worst when it comes to needles – still am probably – but I couldn’t stand the lumpy veins any longer and needed to act.  Mr Gajraj understands this reluctance and is very sympathetic and patient.  On the day, I was given something to calm me and I asked him not to give me any progress reports during the procedure!  It wasn’t the nicest way to spend an afternoon, but I can honestly say that the small discomfort – not pain – was much, much less than I had expected and I am SO glad I went through with it.  Walking out of the Clinic after a few hours was infinitely better than weeks of discomfort after ‘stripping’, which I had under general in the past.  My legs are now free of both reflux and the wriggly, unsightly veins and I wholeheartedly recommend Mr Gajraj and his team.”

So, why not pluck up the courage and take the first step towards getting rid of those varicose veins and having the legs you want in 2012 by booking into our upcoming open events in March.  Come along and meet me and learn more about how modern non-surgical vein treatment under local anaesthetic could help you.

About our events

  • Our events are informal and informative
  • Meet me in person
  • Learn about the latest non-surgical treatments for varicose veins and thread veins
  • Ask your own questions about vein problems and vein treatments
  • Come along with a partner or friend
  • Each event lasts approximately 1 hour
  • Refreshments provided
  • Entrance is FREE and without obligation but places will be limited so please register with us today

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Four Weeks After Varicose Veins Removal