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Summer Legs

1-DSC02673During the winter, we tend to hibernate. We have so much clothing on that people barely see more than our faces and we tend not to even look at own our legs. Come the warmer weather, when we might think of showing our legs, we may be horrified by unsightly blemishes and bulging veins.

Now is a great time to get ready. In fact, summer legs are made in winter.

If you are troubled by unsightly bulging veins on your lower legs you’re not alone. As many as one in three people suffers from varicose veins at some point in life and the risk increases with age. They are usually an inherited problem and are caused by venous reflux, a problem with the valves in the vein walls. In healthy veins, valves open and close to pump blood up the legs back to the heart, defying gravity. But when these valves don’t work properly, blood flows backwards where it pools in the veins causing them to swell. The NHS now only treats extremely severe cases, and there are now several non-surgical procedures available privately. These can be performed on a walk-in, walk-out basis under local anaesthetic, and most patients report only a small amount of discomfort rather than pain. Options include sclerotherapy (foam injections), radiofreqency ablation (heat from electricity) and lasers to tackle diseased veins. The latest product Venaseal is a type of medical superglue that can seal shut faulty veins in as little as 20 minutes without the need for patients to wear compression stockings. The first step is to have a duplex ultrasound scan to locate the presence and source of the venous reflux. Shop around for an established reputable clinic where a qualified specialist gives you a thorough consultation with plenty of time to ask questions.


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If you’re worried about your veins and would like a confidential chat please do get in touch. I am happy to offer simple advice by telephone or email for free and without obligation.

The VeinCare Centre also offers a screening assessment with our vascular technologist. For £25 you can have a scan with Wendy Parsons. She is not a doctor and so she could not give you medical advice but she can check your deep veins and your varicose veins and give you an idea of how bad they are and whether laser might be suitable for you. If you would like to have an appointment with Wendy please call 0800 698 3467.