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Super Glue First For The VeinCare Centre – Venaseal™

Yesterday, Mr Robin Windhaber and Dr Haroun Gajraj undertook pioneering varicose vein treatment using the Venaseal™Closure procedure. They were joined by Ian Dunn, international clinical manager at Sapheon, and by Dr Rod Raabe, the founder of the Sapheon Company and inventor of the Venaseal™ Closure system.

As Dr Haroun Gajraj explains, “Robin and I treated two people yesterday and both had very challenging vein problems. The first lady had reflux in all the major saphenous veins in both legs. That means she needed the great and small saphenous veins in both legs dealt with. This is quite an undertaking even under local anaesthetic and it would have involved at least 40-50  local anaesthetic jabs if done by VNUS Closure or EVLT. The Venaseal™ system does  not use heat energy and so it does away with painful jabs along the full length of the vein – it is much kinder. Our patient was very comfortable throughout and she needed only 5 needle jabs. The procedure was done in just over an hour and she didn’t even require bandages or stockings.”

From Left: Dr Haroun Gajraj, Mr Ian Dunn, Dr Rod Raabe and Mr Robin Windhaber

Ian Dunn on behalf of Sapheon confirmed, that Robin Windhaber and Haroun Gajraj are the first vein specialists in the United Kingdom to treat all 4 saphenous veins in both legs in one session using Venaseal™. “This is quite extraordinary and both these doctors and their nurses are very skilled!” remarked Ian.

Dr Raabe was allowed into The VeinCare Centre treatment room to see the next procedure as well. “Our second patient” said Dr Gajraj, “has just recovered from a very nasty phlebitis and she has a long refluxing vein in her right thigh and calf. The vein was quite scarred and damaged by the phlebitis and so it was technically difficult to position the glue catheter inside the unhealthy vein. My colleague Robin Windhaber suggested a “double puncture” method and he was able to negotiate the catheters below and above the scarred areas. We were able to treat the whole vein with glue, in 2 sections.”

Dr Rod Raabe who is  on a “flying visit to Europe” from Washington USA was very impressed by the team at The VeinCare Centre. He told one of the patients who were treated “The team here is very skilled. I go all around the world watching surgeons perform my super glue invention and I can truly say that the two procedures I watched here today could not have been done better by anyone else in the world!”