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The Cost of Private Vein Treatment – important things to consider and questions you must ask

Private medical treatment for varicose veins, thread veins and the complications of venous disease can be expensive. Traditional treatment by surgical stripping or treatments under general anaesthetic in a hospital are no longer necessary and the costs can be difficult to work out. There may be separate fees for the surgeon, for the radiologist or vascular technologist who performs the scan, for the anaesthetist and for the hospital. Additional fees may be charged for bandages, medical stockings, medication and for follow appointments and duplex ultrasound scans. The fees can be obscure and difficult to investigate and they all add up. Many people are worried about seeking private medical treatment for their leg vein problems and getting caught up in escalating medical fees, particularly if they do not have private medical insurance.

Have you tried calling your local private hospital and asking how much it is to see a specialist? It can be difficult to get a straight answer.

When making comparisons, make sure you find out the fee for the consultation with the specialist, whether this includes a colour duplex ultrasound scan (which in my opinion is essential to make a diagnosis of your vein conditon) and if not ask how much the scan is, whether it is performed at the same visit and whether additional fees are incurred to discuss the results. When comparing the cost of the actual varicose vein treatment, be sure to ask if the follow up appointments and duplex scans are included.

What happens if there are unexpected problems requiring additional or remedial treatment. Is the cost of this included in the quotation or will there be extra costs.

The modern non-surgical treatment of varicose veins and thread veins requires and colour duplex ultrasound scan and the fee for this should either be included in the initial assessment or it should be made clear that this is needed and the cost is published. At The VeinCare Centre in the South West of England, we publish our fees on our website and fees include treatment, follow up, scans as well as any unscheduled appointments or treatment if needed. For those without private medical insurance, the quotations are all-inclusive with no hidden extras. The fee that you are quoted is the fee you will pay, not a penny more. Why not have a screening assessment with our vascular technologist – only £25.

In addition, we can arrange payment over 12 months without interest

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