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Too Old For Vein Treatment? Myths and Misconceptions

I am very against ageism and the wonderful thing about modern vein treatments under local anaesthetics is that they are much safer and older people are very eligible to take advantage of their benefits. Many people (and I include some referring GPs) believe that older people should not be concerned about the way their legs look and that they just have to put up with the way their legs feel. Well that is not the case and recently I treated a very fit and active lady in her 70’s who refused to put up with her severe varicose veins and who came to me for advice and treatment.

Gillian from Sherborne in Dorset

Before Vein Treatment

“My legs have had dreadful varicose veins for many years. I didn’t like the look of them and they caused me terrible ache and swelling at the end of the day. At night, my legs would often throb and I had difficulty sleeping. Nevertheless, I didn’t let my veins stop me from being active and even though I am nearly 72, I still play tennis and swim regularly. While  on holiday last year, I was coming back from the swimming pool to my room, when in the lift, I saw my legs in the full length mirrors that were all around the lift carriage.  What I saw shocked me and I decided something had to be done.

A friend recommended Dr Gajraj of The Veincare Centre. A scan was done and  I was pleased that I could have my veins done without going into hospital. At my age, I didn’t want a general anaesthetic and I was worried about infections in hospitals. Dr Gajraj treated me under local in a few hours and the recovery was straight forward. My legs are miles better. The ache and throbbing have gone and my legs look much better. After only a few weeks, I am already playing tennis again.  I wish I had had something done sooner. ”

After Vein Removal

My Advice

Don’t put up with bad varicose veins because you think you might be too old. Modern treatments for varicose veins are safe and very suitable for people who were previously thought to be too old or infirm for surgery under general anaesthetic.

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