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Varicose Veins in Men

Fit men may get varicose veins. Many people believe myths that women get varicose veins more frequently than men, that pregnancy, being overweight or life-style choices (lack of exercise, diet, or occupation) cause varicose veins.

Iron Man Stewart Palmer
Iron Man Stewart Palmer

Well meet Stewart Palmer who is a double Iron Man. He developed varicose veins when he was only 20 years old and despite regular running, swimming and cycling, his veins got worse. They ached after exercise and he did not like the appearance of his legs particularly in cycle shorts. He had his veins treated by Dr Haroun Gajraj of the VeinCare Centre near Bristol.

Some doctors believe that many more men than women have varicose veins and that they are caused by having children. In fact, there is very little evidence to support this and one of the best scientific studies – The Edinburgh Vein Study* – suggests that more men than women develop varicose veins. Certainly, as Stewart has noticed, women tend to seek varicose veins treatment earlier than men. Men with varicose veins tend to view them as only cosmetic. However, varicose veins in men are not just a cosmetic issue, as, they can cause ache, discomfort, swelling and complications such as varicose eczema, phlebitis, bleeding, DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and leg ulcers. Early treatment of varicose veins is recommended by most vein specialists ( phlebologists) to relieve symptoms and prevent complications.

Modern treatments avoid painful surgical stripping, avoid general anesthetic and avoid admission to hospital. In most cases, the treatments can be done under local anaesthetic in just a few hours. Stewart is delighted with the results of his treatment and has given his permission to share his experience and the before and after photographs after VNUS Closure.

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The Edinburgh Vein Study – J.Epidemiol. Community Health 1999;53:149-153