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Varicose Veins, Pregnancy and Hosiery

Unsightly and painful varicose veins often appear suddenly for the first time during pregnancy. When Esther Demery developed varicose veins during her pregnancy,  SHE WAS SHOCKED.

Mother to 3 boys, Esther regards herself as very lucky to have children, particularly as pregnancy is something that many women long for. Esther didn’t even consider the possibility of varicose veins, so when they appeared during her second pregnancy she was shocked. She was fit, she had always been slim and active. “This couldn’t be happening to me! Surely this is something that happens to older women, or women who do no exercise.”

Esther felt so embarrassed by the appearance of her veins that it took along time for her to tell anyone. When they became painful, she finally plucked up the courage to tell her midwife who prescribed compression stockings. “Compression did make my legs FEEL better, but they were so UNATTRACTIVE.”

Esther did a lot of research and she couldn’t find medical grade compression hosiery for mums-to-be that was effective, versatile and attractive. “Women DESERVE something better”. So she designed her own medical grade compression LEGGINGS specially for pregnancy which are tested and manufactured here in the UK.

If you would like more information, visit Esther’s website