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Vein Olympics – The Winners are YOU.

The World Vein Congress (the International Union of Phlebologists) is held every four years. It has been likened to “Vein Olympics” and it is the largest gathering of vein specialists in the world. Earlier this week, it was Boston’s turn to host this event and I was privileged to have 2 papers and 2 videos accepted for presentation.

Haroun Gajraj
Dr Haroun Gajraj

My first paper was entitled  “Treatment of bilateral saphenous vein reflux and associated varicose veins in one session under local anaesthetic without sedation: 5 year experience with 12 month follow up.” My team and I have shown that it is possible to treat even quite severe varicose veins and reflux in both legs, in one treatment session under local anaesthetic without the need for powerful sedatives or heavy duty pain killers such as morphine.

My second paper was entitled “Can phlebectomy and foam sclerotherapy be performed together?” The title pretty much tells you what it is about and the answer is “yes”. My team and I have been using combination treatments for many years with great success.

Those of you who may wish to know more can see the presentations on the VeinCare Centre YouTube Channel. Both presentations were very well received and it was a privilege to represent my team in Boston at this prestigious international event.

Our instructional videos – one on sclerotherapy for thread veins (how to inject leg thread veins) and the other on phlebectomy (how to perform vein extraction) were played throughout the 5 day meeting and drew considerable attention. I was stopped and congratulated on the quality of our videos and our YouTube Channel by many of the delegates.

Dr Haroun Gajraj
Dr Haroun Gajraj

As I write this I am reflecting on the excellent quality of the meeting, the good friends and colleagues I have caught up with and I am looking forward to the next Vein Olympics in Melbourne in 2017. This is a very exciting time in the “vein world” with a rapid expansion of our understanding of what causes vein problems and with the development of new treatments that are more effective, safer and much less invasive. The days of surgical stripping are over. Surgery for vein problems is gone and relegated to history. Patients are the beneficiaries of these modern treatments for this common, disabling and disfiguring problem. IN THIS YEAR’S VEIN OLYMPICS THE WINNERS ARE YOU with treatments that are better, safer and quicker.

World Vein Congress
World Vein Congress

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