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Sheila In Yesterday's Daily Express

Yesterday, one of my patients was featured in the Daily Express.  After having the Venaseal™ Closure System for the varicose veins in both her legs, Sheila Sibley from Yeovil can’t believe how good her legs feel. After years of restless, twitchy legs at night, Sheila hasn’t any problems since the varicose veins were treated. “Its early days” said Sheila, “but by now I am sure I would have had the problem. I think I am cured”.

Sheila developed varicose veins at a young age and they gradually got worse. They appeared during pregnancy and became more unsightly as time went by. Whenever she did a lot of walking during the day, Sheila’s legs would be very restless at night, keeping her awake. Sheila was also very self conscious about the appearance of her legs and she wouldn’t go swimming.

Restless Leg Syndrome and Varicose Veins

Someone who always feels the urge to move his or her legs may be suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome, or RLS. RLS can make it uncomfortable to do normal activities, especially when sitting down. Patients with RLS also have trouble sleeping through the night and travelling long distances in the car or on a plane because they always feel they must move their legs. Although RLS may have other causes, venous reflux and varicose veins are commonly associated with this condition. Legs feel achey, cramped, and tired because of faulty vein valves. When these valves cannot properly pump blood back up to the heart, gravity causes the blood to flow backward distend the veins with stagnant blood.

Varicose Veins in Left Leg

The Venaseal™ Closure system uses medical superglue to close the refluxing veins causing the varicose veins and the symptoms of ache and restlessness. In Sheila’s case, both legs were affected and in each leg, the great saphenous vein (which lies underneath the skin of the inner calf and thigh) and the small saphenous vein (which lies at the back of the calf) had faulty valves and venous reflux. This reflux was very severe and the Venaseal™ Closure system was chosen as Sheila wanted to avoid multiple local anaesthetic injections and she didn’t like the ideas of wearing medical stockings afterwards.

In my opinion, Sheila made the right choice. She only required 4 local anaesthetic jabs and 2 weeks later, her legs are already free of ache and the RLS and they look better too. You can read Sheila’s story in the Daily Express by clicking here.


Two Weeks After VenaSeal

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