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VenaSeal Reaches the Isle of Wight

Michelle Tombleson is the first person on the Isle of Wight to benefit from a revolutionary new treatment for varicose veins which uses Medical Super Glue.

Michelle’s Story

Delighted Michelle from Isle of Wight

“My legs used to ache, throb and itch. After standing for only 10 minutes, it got so bad, I would have to look for a chair to sit down. I was particularly frustrated when watching my boys play football. My legs would be very painful and I had to pace around just to get a little more comfortable. The veins on my legs were getting worse and more unsightly and I was concerned about problems developing in the future.
Over the course of several months, I did a lot of research on the Internet and I kept coming back to Dr Gajraj and The VeinCare Centre. The site was full of detailed information that I could understand and I was impressed at the range of different treatment options which were available so I felt confident that I would get the treatment I really needed.
When I met Dr Gajraj, he did a scan and found that I had problems with 2 sets of veins in both legs. Although the veins didn’t look so bad on the outside, he explained that I had a lot of reflux in the veins and he wasn’t surprised that my legs ached as much as they did. He talked about all the different ways of dealing with the problem and I decided to go ahead with the “Super Glue”. There were only a couple of local anaesthetic jabs in each leg which didn’t hurt and the whole thing only took 45 minutes. I had 4 little sticky plasters and there were no bandages and I didn’t even need to wear stockings. I didn’t to take any pain relief at all afterwards, which was brilliant. The difference now is amazing. My legs feel 100% better only 3 week afterwards. The aching, throbbing and itching have all gone and already the lumpy veins are getting much smaller.
I am so pleased I have had my veins sorted out. I wish I had done it years ago.”

Michelle’s Treatment A tiny catheter is positioned inside the unhealthy vein using ultrasound through a small puncture in the skin. Next, a small amount of adhesive is delivered inside the vein using a special dispenser to seal the vein which has been identified as being unhealthy and which is causing the varicose veins. After the treatment, blood then travels back to the heart in nearby healthy veins. The glued vein is then absorbed by the body’s natural healing processes.

The VenaSeal™ Adhesive that is used during the procedure is made with a medically approved type of Cyanoacrylate, which has a proven track record of over 50 years of use in the field of medicine. The VenaSeal™ system uses a unique formulation of the compound and it is specifically designed for the treatment of varicose veins. The adhesive is very viscus and it bonds within a few minutes so there is no risk of the adhesive travelling around the body.

Being such a new procedure, the Venaseal™ or “superglue” treatment by Sapheon does not have a procedure code and it is therefore not covered by private medical insurance such as BUPA, WPA, AVIVA or Simply Health. It can only be offered to those patients who are paying for themselves.

Patient suitability for the Venaseal™ or “superglue” treatment will be determined after a full consultation and duplex ultrasound scan. After your assessment, the Venaseal™ or “superglue” treatment will be discussed as well as more established alternatives such as VNUS Closure, endovenous laser (EVL) and Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy.

The Venaseal™ or “superglue” treatment for varicose veins reduces the number of local anaesthetic injections significantly, but if additional procedures are needed such as phlebectomies, then additional injections may be needed.


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If you would like to know if your veins are suitable for Venaseal™ or “superglue” treatment by Sapheon please do get in touch. I am happy to offer simple advice by telephone or email for free and without obligation.  Please also remember that you can have a free ultrasound scan with our vascular technologist to see if your veins are suitable for any of the treatments we offer.