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Venous Access Under Ultrasound Guidance – The Seldinger Technique

Nowadays, varicose vein treatments are carried out under local anaesthetic through a pin-hole puncture as walk in walk out procedures. The treatments are guided by ultrasound throughout and modern varicose vein treatments are very accurate, with excellent cosmetic results and rapid recovery. An essential skill that modern vein specialists have is the ability to insert fine catheters and laser fibers into unhealthy veins. 

Vein Access Under Ultrasound
Vein Access Under Ultrasound

In this video blog, I demonstrate how I achieve venous access under under ultrasound guidance. The video below gives a live demonstration of vein cannulation in my specially designed treatment room. It does contain a lot of technical information which is particularly suited to a medical audience but members of the public will find it of interest.

Among phlebologists, some cannulate using a transverse image of the vein and some gain venous access in longitudinal section imaging. Both methods work extremely well and the method used is a matter of the personal preference of the vein specialist. My own preference is to carry out vein cannulation in transverse section. For those who are interested, I describe my method “step by step”.

By treating veins from the inside using either laser, radiofrequency or VenaSeal superglue (so called endo-venous treatments), there are virtually no scars, almost no risk of infection and the recovery to normal activities is very rapid. The avoidance of general anaesthesia also means there is no strain on breathing or the heart, so even people with medical conditions can have their veins treated nowadays. The use of ultrasound at all stages of the procedure ensures that only the unhealthy veins are removed and that complications such as nerve injury and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) are avoided.


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The VeinCare Centre also offers a screening assessment with our vascular technologist. For £25 you can have a scan with Wendy Parsons. She is not a doctor and so she could not give you medical advice but she can check your deep veins and your varicose veins and give you an idea of how bad they are and whether laser might be suitable for you. If you would like to have an appointment with Wendy please call 01935 873 951

Disclaimer: Health professionals should only provide treatments for which they have proper training and knowledge. This video serves only as a source of additional information to healthcare professionals and the public

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Dr Haroun Gajraj

Dr Haroun Gajraj

The VeinCare Centre | Dorset | We help people find freedom from unsightly veins, veins causing pain, ache and throbbing as well as veins causing serious medical complications such as phlebitis, varicose eczema and leg ulcers.

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The VeinCare Centre

We help people find freedom from unsightly veins, veins causing pain, ache and throbbing as well as veins causing serious medical complications such as phlebitis, varicose eczema and leg ulcers

Call 01935 873951

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