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When Can You Get Back to Work After Varicose Veins Surgery?

Time off Work After Vein Surgery


When Can I Get Back to WorkWhen patients are booking their vein treatment they want to know how long they need off work. So they can tell their employer or –  if they have their own business –  so they can make arrangements.

All the treatments we do are under a local anaesthetic and they are on a walk-in walkout basis. So you could get back to work pretty much straight away. But there are a couple of  things you may need to consider.

  1. The first is “how would you get to work?” After some vein treatments there are restrictions or advisories about driving after the vein treatment and you can have a look at my video about this. So you may not be able to drive yourself to work. How would you feel about going on public transport? Could you get a lift into work? So that is one consideration. “Getting yourself to work”.
  2. The second consideration is “what is the nature of your job? I recently treated a chef who did a 12 hour day. He was on his feet nearly all the time and for that reason I suggested that he take a week off work. If your job does not involve prolonged standing, if it is at a desk, if you are able to get up and walk around and move (remember walking is the best exercise after vein treatments) then you could get back to work very quickly indeed. What if your job very physically demanding? For example if you are a fireman or you work in the emergency services would discomfort in your leg inhibit your ability to do your job? As another example I recently saw a window cleaner and I advised him to have a week off. I wouldn’t really want him to go up high ladders with any form of discomfort in his leg.

So those are the main things you need to consider when you are deciding how long you are going to need off work: how would you get yourself to work, can you drive, are there any restrictions? Does your job involve a lot of prolonged standing particularly in a very hot environment? And is your job very physically demanding? Of course individuals will be advised by their specialist about how long they should have off work. 


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