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Why I Publish Before and After Photographs

varicose vein treatment

Have you noticed that very few websites in the UK provide before and after clinical photographs of their patients’ leg vein treatments?

Many that do publish before and after photographs may have obtained the images from other sources, such as the companies that make laser equipment.

Have you asked yourself why this is so?

Let me tell you why I publish before and after photographs.

For quite a while now, I have taken clinical photographs of my patients’ legs as a routine part of the consultation process. These photographs remain part of my patients’ clinical record and like the rest of their clinical record, they are regarded as absolutely confidential and private. These photographs allow me to assess the results of my treatment and together my patients and I can judge the quality of the improvement that has been achieved.

The before and after photographs I take are published in medical papers I write, presentations and lectures I give to doctors and nurses,  in promotional material and they appear on my websites and facebook pages only when I have had the express written permission of my patients. Many are only too pleased to share the life-changing effect treatment has had for them and they provide me with video testimonials and they are happy to reveal their identity fully. Others feel the matter is more private and they allow me to use their photographs anonymously or only in certain restricted media. In every case, where I use before and after photographs,  written permission is requested and the level of privacy that my patients wish to retain is clarified.

Seeing is believing and the photographs speak for themselves. I take all the photographs myself and they are not “touched up” or “airbrushed”.

One patient I treated recently made the following comment:  “When I look at your website, I sometimes wonder if the photographs are too good to be true and whether you have used Photoshop. Then I saw my own before and after photographs and I know they are for real!

My team and I are very proud of the work we do and many of our patients are happy to allow us to share their experience  of the treatment they have received.

I would like to thank all those who have allowed me to use their before and after photographs and I hope they help you decide whether vein treatment at The VeinCare Centre might be right for you.

If you would like a confidential chat please do get in touch. I am happy to offer simple advice by telephone and e-mail for free and without obligation.